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Enhance Your Ride with Exclusive Innovations

ARCC Control Cradle

ARCC Remote control cradle - CNC Machined and Black Anodised. To suit all ARCC converted bikes.

ARCC Spare Battery Holder

ARCC’s Spare Battery Holder for everyday use, day or weekend rides on your converted electric bike. Compatible with 4Ah and

ARCC Pod Lock

A barrel lock for the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod. This is an addition to your ARCC Pod which will prevent anyone

Bottle Cage Holder Brackets

Bottle Cage Adapter for everyday use, day or weekend rides (bottle and bottle cage not included). Made from SLS-printed parts.

Bosch Battery

Bosch 36volt Li-ion battery. For use with the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod. 4Ah up to 35Km (35 min charge time)

Battery Cover

Neoprene battery cover for use with the Bosch battery. This accessory keeps your battery warmer during cooler months, extending its

Bosch Battery Charger

Bosch GAL3680CV 36volt Li-ion 30 min charger. For use with the 4Ah and 6Ah Bosch batteries. Bike Compatibility: Brompton, Moulton, Abington,

ARCC Rear Rack

ARCC Rack for everyday use. Designed bespoke to fit Abington and Rosemont bikes perfectly. Welded from stainless steel in Cambridge.

ARCC Moulton TSR Front Pannier Carrier

ARCC Moulton® TSR Front Pannier Carrier for everyday use, day or weekend rides. Designed to be used with the ARCC Intelligent

Bike Kickstand

Kickstand kit for use with the ARCC Abington and Rosemont. Includes kickstand and screws. 24-29″ Adjustable, 18mm. Bike Compatibility: Abington,

SKS Full 27.5″ Mudguards

For use with Abington and Rosemont bikes only SKS Bluemels Mudguard set – Black 27.5″ SKS Commuter Mudguard set with

Moulton Vavert Sport 20″ Mudguards

Reflective strip, clip-on guards. Bike Compatibility: Moulton

Moulton SKS Full Mudguards 20″ Black

Chromoplastic mudguards, 53mm wide U section for optimum tyre clearance. Stainless steel fittings. Bike Compatibility: Moulton.

Moulton Day Bag Rack

Small Moulton rear carrier for everyday use, day or weekend rides. Supplied with mounting plate for rear reflector (50 &

Moulton Full Rear Carrier

Rear luggage carrier made from Reynolds 525 tube, with large reflector. Weight limit 10kg. Bike Compatibility: Moulton