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“She now cycles faster and further than before” [Review: ARCC Electric Conversion for Bromptons]

ARCC electric conversion for Brompton

At the 2019 London Bike Show my wife and I test rode Brompton Bicycle’s own Brompton Electric and ARCC’s electrically converted Brompton fitted with the pod. We both preferred the ARCC conversion. As I have an engineering background, I had lots of technical questions for the ARCC people at the show which, of course, they answered but they also offered me a visit to their premises in Cambridgeshire to see their operation. My subsequent visit was very informative and I could not have been better hosted. I got to see their whole operation and spoke to many of the people involved in designing and producing their bikes. They have a fantastic, up-to-date facility staffed by enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who clearly enjoy their work. I was already convinced about its technical merits but what convinced me to ask ARCC to convert my wife’s Brompton to an eBike was the professionalism, warmth and enthusiasm of the people I met at ARCC. I delivered my wife’s Brompton to ARCC and picked up the converted bike a few days later. It has worked faultlessly ever since.

My wife uses her ARCC electrically converted Brompton regularly and loves it. It has made cycling more fun for her and she now cycles faster and further than before. The ARCC conversion’s features my wife likes are the ability to adjust the level of assistance easily using the controller on the handlebar, the “launch control” which provides extra boost when moving off from a stationary position and the automatic increase in assistance when negotiating hills. We also like the fact that the battery can be fully charged in one hour. The bike works seamlessly and my wife and I have no hesitation in heartily recommending ARCC’s bicycle products.


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