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A to B reviews the ARCC Electric Conversion for Brompton

A to B, the alternative transport magazine, has taken a spin on the Brompton converted by the ARCC electric system, the Intelligent Drive Pod. You can see what they had to say about the electric bike retrofit kit for yourself on their website, but here is a short excerpt.

“It IS good. The bike has a very ordinary front-wheel motor by Bafang (which sounds and indeed used to be) a rather downmarket manufacturer, but now has the sewing-machine smoothness and efficiency (although not quite the silence) we’ve come to expect from the best Chinese manufacturers. The motor is linked to a brain-box on the custom-made battery bracket that replaces Brompton’s unique front pannier-mount (Why? Because it is tailored to the equally unique Bosch battery), and the brain-box takes instructions from two inputs: a torque-sensor on the bottom bracket to measure rider-pedal effort and a power controller on the handlebars…The Bluetooth controller is quite a user-friendly little creature, and it’s clearly no generic Chinese device, having been developed by ARCC Innovations up there in Cambridge…It’s all very nicely engineered, like everything else, and it works well.”

A to B

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