Why is ARCC the best electrical system?

The Intelligent Drive Pod uses state-of-the-art technology and engineering to bring you the best and smoothest of electric bike experiences.

The ARCC electrical system uses both torque and cadence sensors at the bottom bracket to detect rotation, rotational direction, and torque (power put through the pedal cranks), but it also comes with an inclinometer and accelerometer sensor which detects hills and gradients, to provide compensation accordingly.

The Intelligent Drive system is controlled either by an iPhone app or a Bluetooth controller attached by a discreet cradle to your handlebars. This gives you complete control of the level of assistance received on-the-go, as well as an indication of battery level remaining. A special feature called Launch Control provides a three-second boost of full power to help you safely move away from traffic lights and crossings with other vehicles.

The system uses standard 36V 4.0 Ah or 6.0 Ah BOSCH batteries which are readily available online or your local hardware / tools store. This makes them a lot more affordable and accessible than most e-bike proprietary batteries; you can even buy spares when touring internationally!

We build the bikes and Intelligent Drive systems in the UK at our innovative manufacturing facility by Cambridge, so they can be made quickly to order and to customised requirements. You can drop off your bike to be converted or we can arrange a courier collection – it’s quick, simple and without the long wait times for overseas parts or components.

If you own a Brompton, our Intelligent Drive Pod system is compatible with virtually all Brompton bags (so you don’t need to buy a new one) and you can still take your folding bike on the bus, train or plane. The 4.0 Ah BOSCH batteries can be taken by most airlines, so you can take them on cycle trips overseas!

We’re confident in our products and offer a full 5-year warranty on the Intelligent Drive System, and we will also honour the remainder of your warranty with an existing manufacturer (like Brompton).

Find more detail here: Why chose the ARCC system?

What is included in the ARCC intelligent drive pod?

You will find your bike has a black Pod unit attached to the front of the head tube, a motor within the front wheel, a new bottom bracket (which houses the torque and cadence sensors) and a Bluetooth remote control sitting within a cradle mount on the Handlebar. We also include a 36V 4.0 Ah BOSCH battery and the GAL3680CV 36volt Li-ion BOSCH battery charger.

You can buy a spare BOSCH battery, a spare battery holder and other accessories in addition.

What is the steepest slope the intelligent drive pod will get me up?

The system will provide assistance up to a 20% gradient.

In A mode, the system will maximise assistance at 13%, and will provide a constant level of assistance on anything steeper than 13%.

However, you will still have to put legwork in yourself, so you would need to keep your bike in the lowest gear!

You can buy a spare BOSCH battery, a spare battery holder and other accessories in addition.

Is the maximum speed limited? Can the maximum assistance be removed for trail or off-road use?

The speed is not limited, but the electric motor will not assist you when you’re travelling over 25 km/h (15.5mph).

The speed permitted abides by current UK legislation (harmonised with EU Directive 2002/24/EC), and we have not provided for modification for 'off-road' use.

The bike or product I want is out of stock. Can I still order it?

Yes, although it might take slightly longer than the expected delivery time to arrive. Send the full specification to info@arcc.co.uk and we’ll sort it for you.

How do I know what size bike I need?

Our bike frames come in two standard sizes, Small/Medium and Medium/Large. If you are picking up your bike, our engineers will fit it to you to make sure the saddle and handlebars are the right height etc.

However, we can also build bespoke bikes on demand – either for accessibility or preference reasons. Contact us for specific information.

Where can I buy an e-bike or electrical conversion?

You can order e-bikes and conversions via our website, or email info@arcc.co.uk.

We have some partner shops around the country – find your closest one here: Test Rides and Purchases at Partner Stores

Are your test rides really free? What happens on a test ride?

Yes, no strings attached. We want you to find the best bike or e-bike.

Fill out our Test Ride form and we will get in touch with you.

On the day, bring a piece of ID with you and wear clothes that you would normally be cycling in. We have a small supply of helmets and hi-vis tabards you can borrow. We will give you a thorough demonstration of the bike and, if electric, how the Intelligent Drive Pod system works. And we’ll also suggest some weather-appropriate routes around our beautiful Cambridgeshire site or the local villages!

Can the ARCC electrical system fit on any bike?

It depends on the bike! We can certainly fit all Bromptons, Moulton TSRs, Airnimal Joeys and some recumbents. We have also previously converted a trike and a tandem!

Contact us at info@arcc.co.uk for bespoke enquiries, and please include close-up photos of your bike.

Can I fit the ARCC intelligent drive pod myself?

No - the system is fitted at the ARCC Bikes in Cambridge, by our team of technical and mechanical experts.

How quickly can you convert my bike to electric?

We will aim to have your bike turned around in 5 business days, but with prior notice we can offer same-day conversions for certain bike frames.

Collection and delivery of your bike will often add on a few extra days to organise. If you are in a rush, we’d recommend you dropped it off at our site by Cambridge.

Do you incorporate the motor into my existing wheel?
Yes, we will use your existing rims where possible. For Bromptons, this needs to be a 28H (28 hole) rim, and for Moulton bikes, a 36H rim.
Do you have silver and black motors?
We only have black motors.
What is the maximum/minimum weight that the bikes can carry?
The maximum weight capacity for the bikes is 120kg.
I’m a bike retailer – can I stock your bikes?
Wonderful, please email marketing@arcc.co.uk and we’ll set up a meeting. We invite all store managers to ARCC Innovations to see the full range of bikes, experience the workshop and manufacturing facility and meet the team.
Where do you ship to?
We only ship to addresses in the United Kingdom and are unable to ship to PO Boxes, British Forces Post Office (BFPO), Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
Can I use a forwarding courier to receive the bike outside the UK?
No, we will not ship your bike to a forwarding courier.
If I pack my bike up myself, will you arrange courier collection and insurance?

No, we will only arrange insurance if we arrange courier collection and if we have supplied the packaging material or packed it ourselves.

If you choose to use your own packaging material or shipping option, we are unable to insurance the bike during transit and the delivery is at your own risk.

What is the expected range of the ARCC e-bike system?

For the 4Ah battery, up to 35km. For the 6Ah battery, up to 52km.

For both batteries, it depends on the power assistance given and the riding style (among other factors).

You can see some customer reviews and stories about how far their e-bike battery got them here: Customer Testimonials

What factors affect the battery range? How do I get the most from my battery power?

There are multiple factors that can affect battery range, including but not limited to user weight, cadence, weather conditions and power level used.

BOSCH have a handy interactive calculator for helping determine how your journey will affect your battery life.

How long does the e-bike battery take to charge?

According to BOSCH documentation, using the GAL 3680 CV charger that we sell, the 4.0 Ah will take 25-35 minutes and the 6.0 Ah battery will be fully charged between 40-55 minutes.

BOSCH have a handy interactive calculator for helping determine how your journey will affect your battery life.

How long does the bluetooth remote take to charge?

If it's completely discharged, it should recharge between 1-2 hours.

Can I take my ARCC e-bike and batteries on a plane?

Yes, up to two 4Ah batteries are currently allowed for travel with most airlines. Enjoy cycle-touring with your ARCC e-bike overseas all year round!

However, for up-to-date information, please check the restricted items list for the specific airline you are travelling with.

What are the payment options?

Payment can be made via BACS, Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, or ApplePay. We also accept payment from several Cycle to Work Schemes (see below). 

Can I use a cycle scheme to purchase my bike?

Yes, we accept the following Cycle Schemes.

Bike2Work Scheme, CycleScheme, Green Commute Initiative, Cycle2Work (Halfords)

If you wish to purchase through a Cycle Scheme or enquire about whether we could accept a different scheme, please email us at info@arcc.co.uk.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, there are some discounts available. We offer 5% off bikes and conversions for Blue Light Card holders. We also offer Moulton Owner's Club members 10% off Moulton TSR Electric bikes and 15% off Moulton TSR retrofits.
Do you offer finance plans?

Yes, we have partnered up with Klarna, you can select this option on check out. 

What is the warranty for ARCC bikes?
All ARCC Bikes and the Pod come complete with a 5-year frame warranty. For Brompton conversions, we take on the remainder of the Brompton warranty. For full terms please see our Sections 15-19 of our Terms of Service.
Bosch products: Do I need to register my Bosch battery and charger for the Bosch warranty?
Yes, you’ll need to register your BOSCH products within 2 weeks of purchase, to obtain your 3-year Bosch battery warranty and 2-year Bosch battery charger warranty.

You can do so here: https://www.bosch-professional.com/gb/en/service/guarantee/information
Brompton electric conversions: What does it mean if ARCC takes over the warranty of my Brompton bike?
ARCC will honour the remainder of your Brompton warranty.
How can I cancel my order?
To cancel an order placed on the website, over the phone or email, please contact Noelle at info@arcc.co.uk or ring 01223 893290. You have 14 days to cancel your order.

For bespoke-ordered bikes, we may charge for items fitted to the bike that we would not add as standard.

If we have already organised a courier, you would be responsible for those fees.
Returning an item

To enquire about returning an item, please first refer to Section 19 of our Terms of Service and email info@arcc.co.uk.

Is the ARCC system compatible with all Brompton bikes?

Yes! We can retrofit our system to any Brompton frame.

Do you need to modify the fork on Brompton bikes to fit the system?

No. Our system does not interfere with the Brompton forks at all. We make three tiny holes (1x 10mm and 2x 3mm) to allow us to fit the bottom bracket terminal box.

The exception is with the ARCC Converted T-Line, where we will match your titanium frame with titanium forks.

What is the warranty on retrofitted electric Bromptons?

ARCC will take on the existing warranty remainder of your Brompton.

More information on our warranties can be found in Sections 15-19 of our Terms of Service.

Can I use my existing Brompton bag with the ARCC system
Yes, but we’ll need to convert the bag to carry the battery as well. You can purchase the bag conversion here: Brompton Bag Conversion Kit.
What is the purpose of the Brompton bag conversion kit and how does it work?
The Brompton bag conversion kit means you can continue to use your Brompton bags for commuting with your newly electric Brompton – we simply adapt it in our Cambridgeshire facility so that it neatly carries the battery within one pocket and fits directly onto the pod.
I’ve lost my user guide. Do you have downloadable information?

You can find all up to date information and user guides here. If you have any further questions please email info@arcc.co.uk.

What is the difference between M and A modes?
The modes allow you to have complete control over the level of assistance. In the ‘M’, Manual mode, the torque sensor allows the Intelligent Drive system to detect a harder pedalling motion, and thus automatically provide more assistance within the chosen assist level setting. This results in a very natural cycling action, but with the sensation of being given a gentle boost. The A mode utilises the in-built Inclinometer / Accelerometer sensor which allows the system to recognise hills and gradients, and provide automatic compensation accordingly, by increasing or decreasing the power delivered. This results in your exertion levels remaining virtually constant, as if travelling on the flat, even when tackling hills.
How does launch control work?

To activate Launch Control from a standing start, bring your left pedal up and apply pressure on it, and simultaneously apply both brakes – you’ll notice a yellow flashing on the Intelligent Drive Pod at the front of your bike. When you release both brakes and pedal at the same time, maximum power is delivered to the motor for a period of three seconds. (Once pressure is applied to the left hand pedal the "A" LED will turn to a solid amber light - If you only pull the brakes on without putting pressure on the pedals then you will get a green/amber flashing light. 

You can watch a video on how Launch Control works here on YouTube.

If the blue light on my bluetooth remote goes out when i’m riding, is this a problem?

If this happens, you will not be able to change the assistance setting until the blue light is back on. However, this will not interfere with your ride, and you will be able to continue with the same setting as previously selected.

When you have stopped again, you’ll just need to restore the Bluetooth pairing connection between the remote and the pod.

How do I clean the pins/connections of my Gen1 intelligent drive pod system?
We advise that you use a dry soft brush to clean the pins and contacts. Do not use any liquids, chemicals or WD40.
Is the intelligent drive pod compatible with bike lights?

Lighting systems that do not interfere with the position of the Intelligent Drive pod, and don’t use a front hub dynamo, can be used with the system.

You can use any of the USB-C ports on the pod to charge battery-powered lights which charge through USB. You can use the USB cable supplied for charging the Bluetooth Remote, if the lights have a USB Micro-B connector.

For our Brompton customers, we recommend the Cateye Volt400, available from Brompton. We are working on several new developments to complement the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod. However, there are no immediate plans to release any lighting options, and we recommend that anybody who needs lights should purchase an independent product.

What’s the difference between Gen1 and Gen2 of the ARCC intelligent drive pod?

The first generation, Gen1, can be removed from the bike, and has physical red control dials located on the top of the Intelligent Drive Pod.

The second generation, Gen2, is fixed to the bike, and is controlled by a removable Bluetooth controller or an iPhone app.

The Bluetooth controller can be bought as an optional extra for the first generation of the ARCC Intelligent Drive Pod. It is included as standard with the second generation of the Intelligent Drive Pod. However, you can also opt to purchase the system without the controller, simply mention this when enquiring.

What is the process for arranging my bike to be serviced?

Please email info@arcc.co.uk and we will arrange courier collection.

If I were to sell my ARCC bike privately, what is the process for the new owner?

To transfer the warranty of your bike to a new owner, the new owner would be required to send us proof of purchase from you (its original owner). Once we have received this, the bike needs to be returned to ARCC for a service, costing £50.00. The warranty date for the ARCC system and bike will not change.

If you still have questions, please contact customer service at info@arcc.co.uk We look forward to hearing from you!